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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Backlinks

3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Backlinks

One thing that can really boost your SEO efforts is to get backlinks to the content you’re producing. Blogs are a particularly effective way to encourage more backlinks to your site. Backlinks don’t just bring you more visitors; they also help get people talking about your brand and build you up as an expert in the sector.

The question is how can you make backlinks work for you? Below you’ll discover 3 great tips to follow.


1. Ensure you’re producing good content

The number one way to ensure you’re getting the most out of backlinks is to produce relevant and valuable content. This will attract more established domains willing to link to your site. While practically all backlinks can be valuable, search engines and readers are going to pay more attention to you if well-established sites are linking back to you.

You can also actively seek out new potential prospects, though if contacting them directly you need to be careful that you don’t come across too aggressively.


2. Consider guest posting

While writing your own blogs is going to eventually attract backlinks from other sites, guest posts are a more direct way to go about it. Many high-profile sites accept guest posts and you can use these to link back to your site, controlling the anchor text used to do so. With third party backlinks you have no control over the keywords used to link to your site so this is one advantage guest posts have.

When creating guest posts it’s paramount the quality is above par. Consider hiring a professional company to help with content creation.


3. Check for any broken links

Broken links can be damaging to your business. There are tools and plugins online which can tell you if your site has any broken links and point you to the website they’re listed on. From there, you can contact the owner and request the link be changed or removed.

Think about it, if a reader goes to click on the backlink and they’re redirected to your site with an error message, they’re going to be frustrated. It’s going to damage your reputation and prevent the visitor from coming back in the future. So always ensure broken links are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Overall backlinks can be incredibly valuable, but they can be difficult to keep on top of. Ensuring you are delivering consistent, high quality content is a surefire way to continue to get backlinks and attract higher quality prospects.

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