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5 Tips to Boost Your Business Using Twitter


5 Tips to Boost Your Business Using Twitter

The buzz around social marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. If you want to continue to grow your business and keep up with the competition you are going to have to master platforms like Twitter. Here are five tips to boost your business 140 characters at a time.

One: Remember the Social Part of Social Marketing

The biggest mistake most businesses make is to treat social network marketing like they are advertising on TV. They broadcast their sales message over and over again. But, that’s not how social networks work. Only putting links to your own content and only pushing your own sales is like going into a crowded party and shouting to the crowd that you have some shampoo you would like to sell. Most people won’t even notice you, and those that do will think you are annoying.

If you want to boost your business on Twitter, engage with others. Follow thought leaders in your industry. Promote useful content others create, in addition to sharing your own content. Talk to people and ask questions. Find out what your business could be doing better. Be the most interesting guy at the party and everyone will want to talk to you and find out more about what you do.

 Two: Offer Twitter Exclusive Deals

Give people a reason to follow you. If customers find out they can get exclusive deals and coupons by engaging with you on Twitter, they will. Social marketing is about providing value to your followers. Giving coupons and special deals is a great way to create value because it doesn’t cost you money out of pocket, the results are completely trackable, and people love to get deals.

When you offer Twitter deals you also more likely to get the offer spread far and wide. If the deal is good enough people will retweet and share the offer with their friends and followers.

Three: Have a Clear Brand and Voice

One type of content that doesn’t work on Twitter is boring content. There is just too many fun and interesting things on Twitter for you to stand out of you are generic. Everything about your Twitter account should be aimed at drawing in your ideal customer. Make sure your avatar, banner, and description are compelling and true to the message you are trying to communicate.

If you develop a clear brand voice, people will know your tweets without even looking at who sent them. Business is all about forming emotional relationships with customers. Having a clear brand and voice on Twitter will attract customers to you and more importantly, bond them to your brand.

Four: Send People to Your Site

While not every tweet should send people to your site, every third or fourth tweet needs to send your followers to your site for some longer content or to signup for a special offer. Twitter is an important marketing tool, but the ultimate purpose is to get people to buy from you and that works best on your own site and not on Twitter.

Twitter marketing works best when it is balanced between sending traffic to your site and engaging on the Twitter platform with other users. If you ignore one of these areas at the expense of the other you will lose effectiveness.

Five: Find Local Customers

You may be able to reach people from all over the world on Twitter, but often businesses need local customers. You can search on Twitter for local customers and engage them directly. You can follow people you think would be good fits for your business and get their attention.

When you combine using Twitter locally with exclusive deals you create a local word of mouth that can give your business a major influx of new customers. Using Twitter locally also can generate social proof. People will see that their friends do business with you and will be more likely to give you a try as well.

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