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Hi, its Hakeem here and thanks for checking out our site. I am the C.E.O of Hands Associates and we own Hands Digital Marketing

I’ve been in business for 17 years, the last 3 of those as a business consultant. Now I can give you a long intro about me and how great I am and how successful but this is all about you.

I’ll cut straight to the chase because I want your attention if you aren’t seriously doing business online today, you’re business is dead or you will be within the next few years.

Best internet marketing firms - why

Because there are 2 Billion internet users

Last Year there were 300 billion searches performed and

Over 500 billion products sold on line


In short its where the customers are! Therefore if you’re not on line you’re leaving money in the bank or worse still you are giving it to your competitors.

Today being online doesn’t just mean having a website, you need to be doing social media as well otherwise you will get eaten up by the competition.

Best internet marketing firms - because

80% of all the world is on a social network

FACEBOOK – 1 billion active users and 500 million average visits a day

TWITTER – 200 million members and 33 million visits a day.

In reality using the internet to drive your business is no different than what I hope you’ve been doing offline. i.e You need 4 key things

  1. A good offer

  2. Traffic

  3. Leads

  4. Exposure

So there are 2 ways to achieve achieve these things. The Hard way and the Easy way.

The Hard way – Learn all these things yourself and I have a several products which can help you do that or The Easy way – let me help you do it.

Why would you do that? Well maybe because I’ve been a successful business man for the last 17 years specializing in Sales and Marketing or maybe because I’ve spent the last couple of  years modelling  internet marketing success from some of the best in the world, such as:

Brett Mcfall                            

Best internet marketing firms - Brett Mcfall

Author of 2 times Australian best selling book

“How To Make Money While You Sleep”




Brian Koz                      

 Best Internet Marketing Firms - Sean KozThe lead and traffic king  developer  of cutting edge software and products such as

LeadNova, Orion, Customer Finder Pro, Webfire




Jim Graham

Best Internet Marketing Firms -   Jim Graham

The Facebook Strategist

Co-Founder of FBSiteCreator, FBCashCreator,FBResponse




If you have a website then  I seriously suggest you contact us to take advantage of the Free! SEO analysis we are currently offering 

Whatever you decide to do I suggest you at the very least take all of the quality free information we have here at the best internet marketing firms site. It’s all FREE and who doesn’t like free stuff?