Google Adwords Tips
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Adwords Tips

Adwords Tips

Google Adwords is a popular pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising service that serves ads to people who do searches on Google. The ads also appear on sites that have agreements with Google to display ads to potential consumers. When you are setting up your Google Adwords account and advertising campaigns, there are a few tips that will help you save money and get quality leads.

Exclude Negative Keywords

There is an option within Google Adwords to exclude negative keywords (click the “Keywords” tab and scroll down to the bottom). It is important to establish a list of negative keywords, because when you do this, people who search for items that are unrelated to your product will be excluded from even seeing your ad. Since they won’t find what they are looking for by clicking on your ad, it is pointless to even give these searchers the opportunity to click. For instance, say you sell toaster ovens in every color except for white. You can set one of your target keywords as “toaster oven” and add the word “white” to your negative keyword list. This way, when someone does a search for “white toaster ovens,” your Google ad will not pop up next to search results. However, someone who does a search for “blue toaster ovens” will see your ad (because it is assumed that you have that color in stock). This will help reduce unnecessary costs due to a searcher who clicks your advertisement, even though you do not sell what that person needs. The more negative keywords you can think of, the better.

Writing Ads — Headline, Features, Benefits

When you write your Google Adwords ad, there is a specific formula to follow. There are three lines, and each line has to be written a certain way. The first line will have the title, which should contain your main keyword whenever possible, and be tailored to appeal to the searcher. The second line should list the benefits of clicking this ad. What will this website do to improve the clicker’s life? (For example, “save money” or “lose 10 pounds.”) The third and last line should briefly list the features of the product or service you are selling, such as the price or more specific details. For example: “organizer for your bills” or “free book download.”

Google Adwords Credits

Many website hosting services now offer Google Adwords credits as a benefit to joining (usually about $25 or $50), so inquire about this when you are searching for a new host. With this credit, you can open your Google account and test things out. If you find that the service is working for you, you can then continue advertising with your own deposits. So if you are brand new to online selling and marketing, this is a great way to “try Adwords before you buy” and get the hang of using the tools that are available while signing up for your hosting service at the same time.

by Louise Balle, Demand Media


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