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Are You Making This Re-Marketing Mistake?

Are You Making This Re-Marketing Mistake?

According to a 2015 hubspot study, 57% of consumers leave a website within three seconds. Worse still, many consumers still decide to leave even when they’ve placed items in their shopping cart. Abandonment rates are high, with 80% of those who leave a site, never returning to make a purchase.

This has led to a significant increase in re-marketing techniques. While some prove relatively effective, did you know the best way to re-market is to do it before the potential customer actually leaves?

Utilising onsite re-marketing

Re-marketing has proven to be very successful for brands; particularly email re-marketing campaigns. However, the best-case scenario would obviously be to limit the abandonment rate in the first place. Retargeting visitors before they actually leave the site gives you the opportunity to convert and reducethe need for offsite re-marketing campaigns.

So how can you stop visitors from leaving? There’s a few great techniques you can try including:

• Countdown banners
• Basket summary emails
• Highlight discount offers

Countdown banners placed on pages where there is a limited time offer, generally encourage a follow-through purchase. Consumers hate missing out on deals, so if they can actively see time is running out while they’re on the site, it’s going to persuade them to buy.

Basket summary emails can also be a great way to re-target unknown consumers abandoning purchases of a high value. If they click off the page or site, a pop up could ask the visitor to enter their email address to receive a summary of their basket. If they submit their email address, there’s a high chance they’ll continue the purchase later on after they have left the site.

Making sure you highlight any discount offers will also help. Say for example, you have a “Buy one get another product half price”deal running. If the customer adds a qualifying product to their basket, a pop up or carefully placed in-basket message highlighting the discount and linking to applicable products can be very effective.

Addressing abandonment issues

Of course, no amount of onsite retargeting is going to help if the reason potential customers are leaving is because of the check-out process. One of the most common reasons consumers choose to abandon items in their shopping cart is because the check-out process is too complicated or frustrating.

You need to make sure the buying process is as quick and easy as it possibly can be. Make your delivery costs clear, ensure the checkout process works correctly and look at it from a potential customers point of view. If it’s difficult to navigate and make a purchase, onsite re-marketing isn’t going to help reduce abandonment rates.

Overall, once you’ve established there are no major abandonment issues you need to fix, re-marketing onsite is a great way to stop potential customers leaving before they actually convert.

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