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Brits Find Junk Mail More Infuriating than Travelling to Work – Including Junk Emails

Brits Find Junk Mail More Infuriating than Travelling to Work – Including Junk Emails

New research has shown that customer loyalty is being pushed to the edge due to junk mail sent by companies both online and offline. Half of all Brits find junk mail even more infuriating than their commute to work according to the results. So what does this mean for companies and how can it be avoided?


Sending out junk mail could result in action being taken against you

What could the real harm in junk mail be? Besides infuriating potential customers, what damage could it cause to your business? Well, according to the new study conducted by Coleman Parkes, 84% of consumers claimed they are ready to start taking action against brands who continue to send them junk communications. As published on Net Imperative, Brits have had enough of being bombarded with spam.

If action were to be taken against your company, it would seriously damage your reputation, not to mention cause significant financial costs. So what may seem like a simple bad decision, could end up costing you dearly.

How to avoid being seen as a spammer

So now you know how damaging being seen as a spammer could be, how can you avoid it? Well, the first thing you need to do is make sure the emails you are sending are valuable and relevant. Did you know you should be sending different types of emails to different types of customers? As featured on Martech Advisor, it’s extremely important to segment your emails. This will ensure you deliver the right message to the right target market.

Another very important tip is to limit the amount of emails you send. One of the top complaints by consumers is that companies send them too many emails. Ideally at the very most you should be sending out 2 a week, but 1 per week is much more acceptable.

Finally, you need to make sure your emails aren’t too promotional. They need to be valuable to the customer. Perhaps offer advice or tips that can help solve a problem they are likely to have and casually tie in your products and services that way.

Need help with your email marketing campaign? Hands Digital Marketing can help you ensure your messages aren’t being perceived as spam. If you want to protect your reputation and ensure you’re getting the right message across, using a professional marketing company is the best option.

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