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Emoji’s Help Boost Google AdWords

Emoji’s Help Boost Google AdWords

Google AdWords has dominated the paid ad sector for years;offering an affordable way for businesses to attract new customers. However, with thousands of businesses using this lucrative marketing tool, competition is fierce. This makes it extremely difficult for businesses to make their ads really stand out.

If you’re struggling to get your paid ads noticed, Emoji’s could be the answer. It seems Google has relaxed its character restrictions, allowing users to insert colourful, attention grabbing Emoji’s into the headline of their ads. So, could it be worth adding them to your next AdWords campaign?

The benefits of using Emoji’s in marketing

Emoji’s started out as a fun way for social media users to express their feelings. However, it wasn’t long before marketers realised their potential benefits. It’s been revealed in a 2015 Emoji report, that approximately 92% of online users across the globe use Emoji’s. Since the beginning of 2015, the use of Emoji’s in marketing has increased by a staggering 777%.

So, why are they proving so popular with businesses? Well, they’ve been shown to:

• Significantly boost click through rates
• Deliver better engagement
• Help brands connect with consumers

The impact it has on click-through rates is what makes the Emoji so popular in AdWords. The fact it provides this benefit instantly is also a compelling reason to start using them in your ads.

Engagement is something all businesses need to work on, so this is another major advantage of the Emoji, as is the ability to connect with consumers. So, when used correctly, they can deliver some pretty significant benefits for paid ads. However, before you head off to start adding these colourful Emoji’s into your ad campaign, it’s worth waiting for official confirmation that it’s ok to use them.

Google hasn’t officially given the go ahead for marketers to use Emoji’s in their ads. So, until they do it could be best avoided.

Other ways to use Emoji’s

Until Google does give the go ahead to use Emoji’s in its ads, there are plenty of other ways you can use these creative icons to your advantage.

Using them on your brands social media is going to generate the same type of results. It’s perfectly legal, your followers will love it and it’s super-easy to do.

Overall, Emoji’s have taken over the world of marketing and they can bring many benefits. So, if you haven’t used them yet, now is the time to start.

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