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How to Ensure You’re Using the Best Content at the Best Times

How to Ensure You’re Using the Best Content at the Best Times

Content marketing is a lot more difficult than a lot of businesses realise. Not only do you need to ensure you’re creating high-quality, fresh content on a regular basis, but you also have to make sure you’re creating the right content at the best times.

So, how can you do this and how exactly can you predict what the right content is?

The need to constantly evaluate your audience

In order to create the best content, you need to first understand your target audience. Now, the main mistake here, is thinking you can get away with just researching your target audience when you first set up the business. What you may not realise is that your target audience could in fact, change over time.

Therefore, in order to ensure you are consistently publishing the best content, you need to keep up with your target audience and changing trends.

Ensure your content isn’t too promotional

A lot of businesses really struggle with this one. After all, the sole purpose of your content is to drive new customers and engage with existing ones to make another purchase. You’re doing it to promote your business, so surely you should make that clear in your content?

The truth is, customers don’t want to be “sold to”. They want to make up their own mind without being pushed into buying. So, the trick is to create content that’s in-directly promotional.

To do this, aim to create content which provides useful information which addresses problems your audience might currently be facing. Or, look at what your target audience may currently be interested in. The goal is to provide content which isn’t just a sales pitch, but which meets the needs of your target market.

Allow multi-device viewing

Figuring out who your content should be targeted to and what type of content will work best is actually the easy part. It takes time to research, but the trickiest part is definitely figuring out when and where to place the content.

It’s a good idea to first ensure the content can be viewed across a variety of channels. So, don’t just stick it on your website. Advertise it through social media and forums. Then make sure it can be viewed clearly on computers, tablets and mobiles.

Overall, it can be difficult getting your content just right. However, the above tips should help get you started. If you need help with your content marketing strategy, contact Hands Digital Marketing today.

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