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Facebook Set to Expand Video Ads to Third Party Sites

Facebook Set to Expand Video Ads to Third Party Sites

Businesses which utilise Facebook ads are set to benefit from even more exposure thanks to the social media giants plans to expand its reach. The company is now looking at expanding its video ads onto third party websites and apps. Now anyone who has visited Facebook will be shown ads, even if they aren’t logged into the site.


How will it work?

Initially, you’d be right to be worried about the potential annoyance factor this might bring users. After all, one of the key elements of successful advertising is ensuring you aren’t annoying potential customers with unwanted spam advertisements. Don’t worry, Facebook has thought of this and users will have the option to opt out of seeing advertisements on third party sites.

The ads still target Facebook users only, not just anyone on the internet. The only difference being they do not need to be logged into their accounts to be shown ads that are relevant to them.

So how does it work? Well, like many companies, Facebook collects information via “cookies” from a user’s computer. It then uses this information to determine the type of ads the user would be interested in. It’s not just cookies that help the company do this however. It’s also going to be using plug-ins and its own unique buttons to keep track of customer information.

Customer experience also factored in

Facebook has been keen to point out these new changes wouldn’t just benefit businesses. It’s also going to be better for customers too in the long run as it enables the company to highlight ads that are more relevant; diminishing poor quality advertising.

The company also claims it cares deeply about the integrity of the ads it shows, so customers won’t have to worry about being bombarded with non-relevant, fake and untrustworthy advertisements.

There’s always a risk with ads that they will become an annoyance. However, Facebook is confident its new approach will prove more beneficial to its users, as well as to businesses. The fact users can choose to opt out is a major benefit. However, there will need to be some clarification provided to users to ensure they know they can do this and how they can do it.

Overall the new change is going to help businesses reach a much wider audience. However, you should never rely solely upon Facebook ads to get your brand name out there. With so many digital marketing methods out there, it can help to make use of a professional, experienced digital marketing company.

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