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Looking to Boost Your Marketing Campaign This Summer?

Looking to Boost Your Marketing Campaign This Summer?

Summer is quickly approaching and as well as giving you the chance to top up that tan, it also provides the perfect opportunity to deliver a sizzling, unique marketing campaign.

For many businesses, Christmas is the time to focus their main marketing efforts. However, the summer months can be just as lucrative if you get it right. So, just how can you produce a memorable, effective marketing campaign this summer?

Target those unable to travel

The continuous rise in the cost of living has made it increasingly difficult for families to afford an annual holiday. As well as financial restraints, many are simply unable to jet off very far due to family or work commitments. This leaves you with a great opportunity to make these your target customers this summer.

Why not come up with a unique staycation campaign? This could include hosting online events, or local events which allow those who can’t jet off on holiday, to enjoy something a little different that’s closer to home.

Partner up with local businesses

Another fantastic idea is to partner with some similar local businesses to provide affordable packages to your customers. For example, if you own a small restaurant, you could partner with a hotel or even a local cinema to offer diners an extra incentive. This benefits you, the hotel and your customers. It’s bound to boost your sales as well as your reputation.

Run summer themed competitions

What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a fantastic giveaway? Competitions attract a large number of customers and will really help you to build up your brand on social media.

No matter what type of company you run, there’s bound to be at least one competition idea you can run with. If you don’t fancy offering competitions, what about summer promotions? Discounts often work just as well and are much easier to maintain.

Need more summer marketing ideas and advice? Contact us today and see how we can help you boost your campaign.

Overall, with each new season comes a chance to boost your marketing efforts. Summer is a great time to cash in. Brits are happier as the weather heats up and are willing to spend more than they usually would due to being in “holiday mode”. So, don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the approaching summer season, start brainstorming summer marketing campaigns today.

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