Website Template or Customized Web Design?
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Making a Choice: Website Template or Customized Web Design?

Making a Choice: Website Template or Customized Web Design?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – At this age of modern technology and the internet, companiesregardless of its size have come to realize the importance of having a strong presence online. And the best way to let the world know about what you offer is by establishing a website. But with the number of websites emerging almost every minute, how can you stay ahead of the competition? Keep in mind that one of the important factors that contribute to online success is the ability to make people visit your website.

The challenge now is on how you can generate curiosity in the minds of internet users that will compel them to check out your website and see what you have in store. The first thing to carefully examine is the process of creating the site. There are two options when it comes website building and design; you can either opt for a web template which is basically an all made up and ready to go package or choose to have customized website solely developed for your company. Knowing the pros and cons of each one can help you in making the right decision.

Web Template Design

A web template is basically a pre-made design, this is an ideal choice for people who are looking to launch right away. The template is often simple and very basic hence it’s a good choice if you intend to launch a site for informational purposes rather than online business. This is also the usual choice for small and medium scaled enterprises with a limited budget and for individuals that are launching a website for personal purposes.

One of the downsides of having a ready made template is that it may not meet all your website requirements. You will need to work with the system that they already have rather than using one this is completely new and unique.

Customized Web Design

The advantage of having a customized web design is the assurance that you site is completely different from the rest. This also allows the user to come up with web solutions that are fit to the nature of their business and can be adapted for current and future market changes. With a customized design, every aspect and even the smallest details of the website depends on your specifications. You will get the site exactly how you envisioned and wanted it to be.

There are two factors that are considered to be the disadvantages of a customized web design: time and money. A customized websites requires a great deal of time to make depending on the client’s requirements. Also, the budget will depend on the demands you have for the website.

The decision on the type of web design to use should be based on the intentions and objective of the website. Informational websites could opt for a simple design while business oriented ones must be able to meet the demands of the market.


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