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Is Your Marketing Campaign Dull?

Is Your Marketing Campaign Dull?

How exciting are your marketing campaigns? This is a question you need to be asking yourself on a regular basis. With so much competition out there, it’s never been more important to ensure your marketing efforts stand out from the crowd.

You may not even realise that your current campaigns are dull. So, how can you tell if your target audience finds your marketing efforts more than a little tedious?

Are you playing it safe?

One of the biggest mistakes brands make these days is playing it safe with their campaigns. They’re worried about going outside of the box due to the potential risks involved. However, by sticking to your tried and tested, safe methods, it could be costing you potentially hundreds of new customers and it does very little to help your brands reputation.

Think about the brands which stand out and then look at why they stand out. The answer is their “out there”, new and attention grabbing marketing techniques. If you don’t try something new, you have very little chance of being remembered.

Do your ads create an emotional response?

In recent years, it’s been proven the most effective marketing campaigns are those which trigger the emotions. In particular, ads tend to be most successful if they focus on these four reactions:

• Positive
• Awe-inspiring
• Surprising
• Emotional

If you can create a marketing campaign which triggers all four of these responses, it’s sure to do wonders for your brand. Even companies with “boring products” can cash in by getting creative and generating ads which trigger emotions.

Tell your brands story

If your marketing efforts focus solely on product or service features and technical details, you can guarantee it’s boring! Customers really don’t care about the in-depth specific product details. They care about why you’re offering them and what benefits they provide.

So, for example, say you’re trying to sell a lawnmower. It’s not an exciting product to start with so you’re already at a disadvantage. Your customers aren’t going to be interested in the technical features of your lawnmower. However, if it’s designed to cut mowing time in half, that’s definitely something they’re going to care about! So, you could create an ad which shows someone mowing their lawn in record time then relaxing with the family in their new, freshly trimmed garden.

Story telling is a vital part of today’s marketing method. Without one, your brand is just an unforgettable name.

These are just a few great tips to ensure your marketing campaign isn’t dull. We know it’s difficult to think outside of the box sometimes. So, if you need help with your dull marketing campaigns, contact us today.

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