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Social Media – Evolution or Revolution?

Social Media – Evolution or Revolution?

Can you imagine a company in 1915 deciding that it was not going to worry about the still relatively new technology the telephone? What if it was just a fad? After all the first cross-country call would have just been made between New York and San Francisco. But, as silly as that sounds many companies today making that exact mistake by thinking social media is fad and waiting for the market to sort itself out. Social media isn’t a fad or a new technology.

Social media is a communications revolution more significant than the telephone.


In 2015 social media has more market penetration than the telephone has ever had. If Facebook were a country it would have the world’s third largest population, coming in behind India and China. Half of the world’s population belongs to the so-called Millennial generation, and over 90% of Millennials have a social media account, and most have multiple accounts across an array of different networks.

Communication has changed forever. Advertising is becoming the knife someone brought to the gunfight. Content marketing and social media management allow companies to reach their best customers. They can listen to their biggest fans and engage them in spreading the word about their products. People no longer accept being told what to buy, what to wear, and what to use. They are making their voices heard, and only the global corporate winners will be the ones who do the best job of listening and then delivering. But, if you’re not on social media you are being cut out of the conversation.

Social media management companies are guiding businesses through the Internet jungle to enclaves of ideal customers. The new world of social media is about listening before selling, creating relationships, and offering customized products and services. The social media revolution isn’t just about consumers standing up for their interests, it’s actually the best thing to ever happen to businesses. Social media allows businesses to not only target their messages with precision, only reaching out to people likely to buy, but it also allows them to attract customers directly to them. Social media allows businesses to build virtual villages populated with loyal to the business brand and culture.

social mediaSocial media is unique in its global reach and local impact. Whether you want customers around the world or around the corner, you can reach them more directly through smart use of social media. Social media management turns you business into a magnet, drawing consumers and their dollars to you.

But, we are just at the cusp of what is possible. Already a strong social media presence is vital if a business wants to be taken seriously. It’s more important than a company website in the eyes of many consumers. The next leap forward will involve bringing the power of social media together with mobile pay and location technologies. Businesses who fail to get up to speed on social media now, will not only miss out on their best customers today, they may not have any customer tomorrow.

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