Tips to Effectively Manage your Google Adwords Campaign
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Tips to Effectively Manage your Google Adwords Campaign

Tips to Effectively Manage your Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords Management Tips

Top Tips for Google Adwords Management. Ensure you stay on top of your Google Adwords Campaign by following some sure-fire tips for your campaign.Managing your Google Adwords campaign can be a complex and time consuming task. This lens provides some action based tips for you to take away and improve your own Google Adwords campaign.

1.Landing Page Testing

It’s extremely important to constantly test the content & layout of your website landing pages. Even if you’ve got the perfect AdWords campaign, the performance of your landing page will still play a large role in dictating your overall conversion rates, so make sure you’re constantly testing different aspects of your pages. Try out different things such as background colour, different images, button text (e.g. “buy!” vs. “order now”) etc.1 point

2.Regular Bid Optimisation

Bid optimisation is one of the most basic forms of AdWords optimisation, however surprisingly it’s an area that a lot of people allow themselves to forget about. The key is to ensure your advert is in the ideal position to achieve your desired conversion volume, whilst also making sure that your CPC is low enough to meet your CPA/ROI target. The best way to do this is to regularly adjust your bids to see what amount works best.1 point

3. Monitoring Segmented Reports

Segmented reports within AdWords allow you to break down your data in a number of different ways, such as user location, time of day, search query and more. This in-depth level of detail is one of the things that makes AdWords such a strong marketing platform. One of the ways you could use this data is by running a user location report, analysing which areas convert best for your campaign and then setting these locations as a focus by creating special campaigns to target them.1 point

4.Running Regular AdWords Experiments

The AdWords Experiment feature is one of the newest functions of the AdWords interface, and allows for real-time testing of basically any aspect of your account. These experiments should constantly be carried out on keyword bids, different landing pages, ad text, keyword match types – basically everything! The more knowledge you have about what works and what doesn’t work for your campaign, the easier it will be to achieve positive results.1 point

5.Regular Search Query Analysis

Within AdWords, you can find a “Search Query” report which is accessible by clicking the “See Search Terms” button under the “Keyword” tab. This report allows you to see exactly what your visitors are typing into Google to find your ad. You can use this list to either further expand your keyword list, or find irrelevant searches to add into your campaign as negative keywords, and thus prevent these irrelevant searches from showing your advert in the future.0 points


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