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Top PPC Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Top PPC Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Despite the huge range of free methods available these days, PPC remains a vital part of any marketing strategy. Helping to get your brand noticed, drive in lots of potential new customers and boost your bottom line, PPC, when done correctly, can be extremely beneficial.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of mistakes small businesses can make when it comes to PPC advertising. This is especially true if they’re just starting out. If your business is looking to get started with PPC, or if you’re simply not seeing any results, below you’ll discover some of the top mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them.

Failing to use negative keywords

You’ll find a lot of advice out there on how to choose the best PPC keywords. However, did you know that including negative keywords could be just as important?

Negative keywords give you the chance to say which search terms you don’t want to bring up your ads. This really helps you to prevent paying for traffic that isn’t relevant. With PPC, you have to pay for every click, rather than every conversion. So, you could end up attracting a high number of irrelevant, uninterested visitors to your site purely because you’ve used the wrong keywords.

So, make sure you write a list of keywords you want your ads to avoid in order to improve targeting and ad relevance.

Not testing your PPC ads

Regardless of how skilled you are at PPC ad campaigns, it’s important to regularly test your ads to see how well they perform. This will prevent you from wasting money on ads that simply don’t work.

Most PPC platforms give you numerous testing options, so it makes sense to take advantage of them. Testing also allows you to make adjustments, monitor changes in consumer behaviour and check that the keywords you’re using are having the right effect.

Linking to irrelevant pages

Where should your ad link to? For most, the obvious answer here would be your website. But where on your site should you link to? If your answer here is the homepage, you may want to think again.

While some PPC ads could definitely work best when linked to the homepage, the majority should actually be linked to a specific page relating to the ad. So, say for example you’re advertising a limited sale on a specific product line. The link of the ad should send visitors to the specific product line section of the site. Why? Because it makes it easier for the visitor to find exactly what they’re looking for – something that makes a huge difference to how likely they are to make a purchase.

Overall, there’s a lot to consider with PPC ads and the above are just some of the mistakes you can make. Need more advice or want help with your PPC campaigns? Contact us today.

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