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Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media has been an increasingly popular way for businesses to build brand awareness and attract potential clients, and it is an effective way to grow a business. However, not doing it right can result in negative consequences for your business. Being aware of the following common mistakes businesses make will help you make the most of this extremely influential medium.


Forgetting to have a clear plan.

Just sending out a Tweet now and then or sporadically posting on the company’s Facebook page is not enough to bring in business. If your business uses social media the way many people use it in their own personal lives, it will not be effective. Your plan must be in line with your business mission and objectives. Having a strategy includes setting out goals that are clear and measurable as well as crating a clear social media policy, and ensuring your brand has a consistent voice. Make sure you can measure the success of your plan to avoid wasting time on activities that are not increasing your client base or profits.

Not listening.

Social media is one of the best ways to encourage dialogue between people; it’s an ideal chance for your business to hear what your target group of customers is saying. Really listen and interact with your target customers instead of using social media to dominate the conversation. In addition to potential customers, a business may also gain partners on social media; their opinions matter; make sure your business listens and responds to them on social media.

Not being consistent

Consistency is crucial for a business using social media. Not only does a business need to be able to keep up a social media campaign but it also needs to keep its message consistent. Make sure to post regularly on social media sites; don’t let it drop off or people will lose interest and stop following. It is also important to make sure the messages a business post is consistent; having different messages will confuse viewers and may create a backlash, turning away potential customers. It is worth considering hiring a person to focus on marketing through social media to ensure consistency in both your marketing and your company’s message.

Not using images

This may be an obvious one, but using images on your social media posts greatly enhances engagement and attention. For example, an image on twitter ensures 200 percent more viewer engagement than a tweet without one Social media sites are visual mediums as is the Internet. Try to use original images as much as you can and obtain permission to use other companies’ or people’s images. Complaints or legal action over using images without permission can result in negative publicity for your business. Avoid using images just because they are interesting or attractive; they need to be relevant to your message and overall brand to be fully effective.

If your business can avoid the common mistakes listed above, it has a chance to succeed in using social media as an effective strategy to build a brand and increase customers. Remember to keep your company’s voice, be consistent, and monitor what works and doesn’t in order to update your strategy

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