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Top Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Top Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates

The goal of every small business is to generate as much profit as possible. While there are a huge range of ways to do this, one of the main things you should be focusing on is boosting your conversion rates.

It’s one thing to generate leads from well prepared and excellently executed marketing strategies. However, unless those leads are converting to customers, it’s simply a waste of time, resources and money.

So, just how can you boost your conversion rates? Here you’ll discover some of the best tips to follow.

Make sure your call of action is clear

It’s one of the most obvious things, but it’s also one of the easiest to miss. Calls to action are the driving force behind converting visitors into customers. They can be as simple as asking the customer to contact you, or to purchase the product right now.

The trouble is, many businesses make their calls to action a little too simple. The trick is to make them bold and stand out from the rest of the content on your website or marketing content. Add it to the top of the page instead of the bottom and ensure they are extremely clear.

Include a money back guarantee

It’s amazing how much difference a guarantee can make. Giving customers the option to get their money back if they aren’t happy provides confidence that they’re going to be getting a high-quality product or service. It seems like much less of a risk, encouraging the buyer to at least try the product or service.

Of course, there’s always a worry that you’ll end up with lots of returns. However, the increased number of sales you make will generally make up for that. Also, if you find a lot of returns are being made, it could point to an issue with the quality of your product which you can use to make improvements.

Provide proof your products or services work

These days, potential customers care deeply about the opinion of other customers. They want to know if something works before they buy it. So, adding testimonials to your site and marketing content will almost always lead to a significant boost in conversion rates.

Of course, you can also request the services of a professional marketing company to help you with site optimisation. Often, it’s your website or internet marketing campaigns which affect your conversion rates. So, having an expert take a look and work on potential issues you might currently have, can help significantly.

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