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Video Marketing: Which is Better HTML5 or Flash?

Video Marketing: Which is Better HTML5 or Flash?

Video marketing is still one of the most powerful and effective marketing platforms you can use today. However, if you want to ensure its success, you’re going to need to pay attention to more than just the content of your videos.

One of the most crucial decisions you need to make with video marketing, is the platform you’ll be using. Flash has always been one of the most common platforms used, but did you know if you’re using Flash these days, you may be missing out?

HTML5 is quickly taking over, with many websites and browsers no longer automatically supporting Flash based content.
So, should you be switching to HTML5?

Why you might want to consider switching to HTML5

While it’s true consumers use different browsers depending upon their own preferences and needs, one in particular tends to prove most popular – Google Chrome.

Since mid-2016, Chrome has gradually switched its content to HTML5. Now, websites loaded through the browser need to ensure that any videos they run, need to use a compatible HTML5 video player.

Though the search engine giant did warn users of the changes, it’s only recently they’ve started to act. So, as well as being demanded by one of the biggest browsersonline, what other benefits does HTML5 deliver?

The benefits of making the HTML5 switch

As well as ensuring your videos are viewable by a large portion of your target market, switching to HTML5 also has some additional benefits.

To create high-quality videos, you need to ensure you’re using the very latest technology. HTML5 is more advanced than Flash and offers much better mobile support. As the majority of videos are viewed on mobile devices, this is a compelling reason to make the switch.

Using HTML5 is also a lot easier than Flash. It’s easy to add links and applications to your videos, which really helps with promotion, interaction and providing additional information alongside the video.

Finally, it’s also easy to style the videos to fit your preferences. You’re given much more control over things like the border, gradient and animations of the video. This enables you to perfectly customise each video to ensure it delivers maximum effectiveness.

Overall, HTML5 does appear to be the better platform to go with when creating marketing videos these days. However, it can be difficult figuring out how to do it. If you need help, or if you’re struggling with your video marketing campaign, why not contact Hands Digital Marketing today?

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