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Why Your Business Needs to Pay Attention to Voice Search Statistics

Why Your Business Needs to Pay Attention to Voice Search Statistics

Has your business developed a marketing strategy that incorporates voice search? If not, now is definitely the time to start paying attention to this highly lucrative channel.

After the introduction of Apple’s Siri feature, more consumers than ever before have turned to searching the internet using their voice, rather than typing. Commonly used to find local businesses such as restaurants, plumbers and urgent services, voice search has become a convenient, hands-free search alternative that consumers love to use.


How to get noticed in voice search results

So the burning question you’re likely to have is how do you make sure your business is listed in local voice search results? Well, according to Search Engine Land, ratings and reviews play a big part in where you’re placed on results. Google Voice in particular, points users to the businesses that have the highest ratings.

Therefore, if you want to get noticed you need to focus on improving your ratings and reviews. After you make a sale, encourage customers to leave feedback. If you can start getting a frequent amount of reviews, you’ll notice your rankings improve in local voice search results.

Keeping your local profiles up to date

Just as important as ratings and reviews, is updated, correct local listing information. As featured on Search Engine Watch, it’s vital you make sure your company’s information is accurate and up to date. Pay particular attention to the phone number listed and include opening hours where relevant. You will also need to make sure the address for your business is correct and completely filled out.

Voice search friendly keywords

When optimising content for the web, there is a massive focus on using specific keywords. Voice search is typically more conversational, so requires the keywords targeted to reflect this. You need to think about how a consumer looking for your business might actually ask their phone or other device. Take into account local language and optimise your content accordingly.

Overall voice search has been around for several years, but it’s only recently businesses are starting to realise its value in terms of local search results. If you want to incorporate voice search into your marketing campaign but aren’t sure how, Hands Digital Marketing can help. Ensuring you rank highly in local listings takes skill and knowledge of the latest rules and techniques. That’s where a professional company can really help ensure you get the best results.

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