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Writing Articles – How to Beat Blank Screen Syndrome So You Can Build Traffic, Leads & Sales

Writing Articles – How to Beat Blank Screen Syndrome So You Can Build Traffic, Leads & Sales

From Eric Gruber


Writing articles and submitting them to a worldwide audience online can be very exciting in the beginning.

You start out with great ideas. You’re motivated. You’re inspired. You’re ready, willing and able to educate audiences worldwide. You’re psyched to start building your list with targeted leads so you can make more money online selling your books, products and services.

But, after a while, you run out of steam.

Writing Articles when you Have Writer’s Block

You find yourself sitting at your computer with your eyes in a blank stare and your fingers ready at the keyboard. But they’re not typing.

You’re stumped!

The muse isn’t so amused anymore. You start hunting for things to write about. And, when you finally get yourself together and try writing articles, they just don’t seem to flow. There is not much to say. Things are awkward. You don’t know how to begin and how to end.

So where do you turn when your idea arsenal for writing articles is running low?

5 Ways to Eliminate Writer’s Block So You Can Write Articles Fast to Build Traffic, Leads and Profits

Uncover the Hidden Source of Story Ideas with Surveys

Marketing professionals have turned towards web surveys to do research, plan projects, get feedback, develop new products and services, and create public relations and marketing opportunities. So why aren’t you using surveys to drum up ideas for writing articles? Surveys are hidden sources of story ideas, providing rich, timely, interesting and intriguing information that you can use in your own articles.

Go Blog Hopping

We’re all guilty of reading blogs from our blogroll on a regular basis. We can’t avoid it, even if we wanted to. However, the next time you blog hop, read your favorite blogs with the purpose of finding ideas to write articles about and ask yourself:

  • What are bloggers and their readers interested in at the moment?
  • What is the most popular topic that people blog about?
  • Do I want to write about it too and create an article around that topic?

Use Your Own Blog as a Content Source for Writing Articles

Your very own blog can become your best friend when it comes to writing articles. Your blog is a tool that will help you analyze what your audience is interested in. Review your blog posting archives. Find out which postings received the greatest number of reader comments – both positive and negative. Figure out which postings got the most views. Now you know exactly what your audience wants to know. So give them what they want, by writing articles based on your most popular topics.

Explore Article Directories

Article directories like EzineArticles.com are gold mines of ideas for article writers. Read articles written for your target audience to obtain ideas, but never plagiarize the actual articles.

The best article directories list the most popular or newest articles. Use this as your starting point when writing your own articles. Then add your own ideas and experiences to develop the article ideas.

Relax Your Mind & Enjoy It All

By turning article writing into a burdensome, repetitive task, you will pay for it in stilted prose and cliche ideas. You must learn to relax and enjoy educating the World as you establish credibility, build link popularity and increase traffic, leads and sales.

A relaxed mind is an open mind. And an open mind is prepared to accept new and creative ideas for writing articles you can use for your marketing efforts.

Every single day I remind myself to enjoy the craft of writing articles no matter what- and I’m the article marketing expert. I know if I don’t remind myself to relax and enjoy writing articles to educate authors, experts, marketing professionals and business owners just like you, I would not be able to write articles on a daily basis.

I write articles for article submission. I write articles for my blog. I write articles to be posted on ArticleMarketingExperts.com. I write articles for the PR LEADS Article Markets Secrets & Breakthroughs Newsletter.

And, guess what?

I never ever run out of ideas for writing articles, and you won’t either if you relax your mind, enjoy the art and follow the strategies, I described in this article.


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